Have fun exploring our neighboring islands and enjoy some quiet moments away from the hustle and hustle.

1. Pulau Ubin - Be transported back in time to 1960s Singapore as you embark on a trip to Pulau Ubin. Shaped like a boomerang, this 1,020-hectare island is home to Singapore’s last village or kampongs, as well as the Chek Jawa Wetlands, one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems.

2. Kusu Island - The legend of Kusu Island revolves around 2 shipwrecked men (1 Malay and 1 Chinese) saved by a giant tortoise which transformed into an island to save them. They were so grateful that they built a Taoist shrine and Muslim 'keramat' (‘shrine’ in Malay). Visit the places of worship, the tortoise sanctuary, as well as enjoy the lagoons with its pristine beaches and tranquil settings.

3. St John’s Island, Lazarus Island - Both islands are linked by a paved bridge. Learn more about St John’s Island’s mangroves, coastal plants and coral reefs through a guided Intertidal Walk. Lazarus island is not just about the beach life, but is also a lush garden sanctuary for those who need some rest and relaxation. There are plenty of wooden benches to just sit and laze the afternoon away with friends and family.

4. Coney Island - The rustic Coney Island Park is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. Start exploring the forest and mangrove habitats on the newly built boardwalk and move on to the beach which can be accessed at five locations. With its rich biodiversity in a rustic setting, Coney Island Park offers much to explore for bird and nature enthusiasts

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