CSR Policy


We believe in providing top-class services and high quality products to all our customers. All customer dealings are carried out in the most professional, honest and efficient manner. At Adventure World, we guarantee customer satisfaction!


We work closely together with our suppliers to ensure that our products meet the stringent requirements of our customers. We treat all our suppliers fairly and ensure that payment times are kept to the minimum. We also encourage our suppliers to adopt suitable CSR policies so as to improve the business environment.


We provide a competitive and fair working environment to all our employees. We believe in having equal employment opportunities for all and treat all our employees equally and fairly. Our remuneration system is highly contribution-orientated and we reward our employees accordingly.


We seek to continually add value to the community which we operate in through support for relevant projects. We aim to have a positive impact on the societies in which we operate by managing our business activities in a socially responsible manner.