Top 3 things to note before going on a picnic

Top 3 things to note before going on a picnic

Do you know any of the best parks and beaches to have a picnic in Singapore? As a picnic is like an outing, it is always good to plan it in advance.

1) Choosing Suitable Location

There are many picnic places in Singapore. When choosing a location for a picnic, you may want to consider the accessibility to the venue. 

If the people you are going with takes public transport, choosing a venue that is easily accessible by bus / mrt will be convenient for everybody. In Singapore, most of our parks are easily accessible by public transport. You may want to consider choosing one of the parks as your picnic venue. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one good example of an easily accessible picnic venue.

If the group of people you are going with drives, it will be important to choose a venue with ample parking lots for them. Why not have a picnic at Marina Barrage or Singapore Botanic Garden? There are plenty of parkings lots and picnic areas available.

Secondly will be the amenities available around the picnic sites. It will be convenient to have a washroom nearby.

2) Timing

A good time to go for a picnic in Singapore will be in the evening when the sun is no longer scorching hot. Depending on your location, you may even catch the sunset while having your picnic.

3) Things to bring

Depending on how extensive you want your picnic, the range of items to bring along differs. It can be as simple as just a picnic mat and picnic basket with yummy food inside or you can bring along card games, speakers to play some music etc. If you find it a hassle to lug your stuff for a picnic, you can engage a picnic planner who will help you to set up your picnic spot for you. Always remember to bring along your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

With these 3 things planned out, you are now ready to go for your picnic adventure! Happy planning~

Oh wait! 1 last thing to note. Remember to jio those friends that are as enthusiastic about picnic as you so that all of you can have an enjoyable time and create happy memories together. The last thing you want to experience is having to manage a sulky and cranky friend.


1) What types of food is suitable to bring for a picnic?

Here are some of the suitable food to bring for a picnic:

  • Salads

  • Sandwiches

  • Fruits

  • Pasta

  • Finger food such as seaweed chicken, hotdogs etc.

  • Fried rice / noodles

2) How can I be environmentally friendly when having a picnic?

Here are some guidelines on how to be environmentally friendly during a picnic.

  • Say NO to disposable plates, cups and utensils

  • Use lunch boxes to put your prepared food

  • Use reusable cups for your drinks

  • Use utensils that are compact to bring along 

  • Remember to dispose your rubbish (if any) properly before heading back home

  • Top 3 things to note before going on a picnic

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