Tips 1: Things to bring

- Camping Tent
- Sleeping Bag
- Poncho / Umbrella
- Torchlight / Lightsticks
- Clothings and Towels
- Toiletries
- Slippers (for bathing)
- Water Booties (for water activities)
- Insect Repellent
- Ziplock Bags (for dirty clothing)
- Sufficient supply of Food & Water
- Cutlery & Utensils (if you are cooking your own meals)
- Personal Medication
- Board Games (to play while relaxing)

Tips 2: Always get 1 size bigger for your tent

For example, if there are 4 of you, DO NOT get a 4 men tent. Get a 6 men tent instead. You will have enough space to put your belongings and will enjoy a better ventilation.

Tips 3: Locating your camping area

Look for a suitable area, preferably near to the amenities. Find an area with the most grass so that you can have some ‘cushion’.

Tips 4: Pitching your tent

It will be good if you can lay a groundsheet on the ground so that at the end of camping, you will only need to wash the groundsheet and not have a hard time washing the whole tent.

Do also remember to spray insect repellent around the area to prevent all the ‘unwanted guests’ from coming near you. When pitching the tent, do remember to pull the 4 corners of the tent outwards to reduce the tension on the tent poles.



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